How to clean a shower head

Water heating system are crucial in our households as they ensure that we have warm or hot showers at all time. Imagine an instance when there is not shower or a shower has broken before you bath. The saddest thing that will creep in is showering using cold water. What if you are living in places like Alaska? Can you do without a shower in such places? Of course not. Shower devices should therefore be taken care of and given the regular servicing they may need. If this is happens, then you will be assured of long term functioning and will serve you longer than you could have expected.

Parts of a shower head that need cleaning

Before cleaning, it is important to be aware of those shower head parts that actually need cleaning. There are three main parts of a shower head that need your regular attention. The parts are: the outer plastic casing, the coil and the thermostat. All these parts are crucial as far heating of water is concerned. These parts must therefore be cleaned in order to ensure the functionality of your shower. Howe and why do we clean these parts?

The shower casing

Let’s start with the shower casing, this is a plastic casing which houses the coil. A continuous water flowing within this compartment will after some point make this space dirty. When water flows through a space, algae tend to stick on the walls of the plastic casing and these gives it a slippery feeling when you touch it. This compartment need a regular cleaning at all times. Cleaning this compartment should not be ignored because your water will get dirty as time goes by.

The heating coil

The second element is the heating coil. The coil, is basically that coiled copper metal that normally heats your water. This is also another element that must be cleaned on regular basis. It must be clean because as time goes by, the metal surface develops some accumulation of scum. Scum are basically heated metallic elements found in water such as magnesium, sodium, chlorine and other metals depending on the location your home is found. Scoring the surface of this copper metal is important.

The thermo regulator

There is also the thermo regulator. This is one of the most important part of the shower head because of the idea that without it, the water can overheat and scotch our bodies. You don’t want this happen of course. The thermostat may not be cleaned regularly but it should be clean for maximum functionality.

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