How to make an affogato coffee

Do not be disturbed by the term ‘affogato’ because it is simply a term which means a mixture of ice cream (vanilla gelato) and espresso. This is an Italian menu or say coffee-made desert. Many of us including you may not be aware of how to make it and this is the reason why we are here today; trying to see how we can make a good affogato coffee. There are various methods of making an affogato coffee but the resultant outcome is basically what matters. It should be noted, however, that making a good affogato coffee depends on how good you play with temperature and texture.

Method of making an affogato coffee

The first step in the initial stages of making an affogato coffee is basically heating up the espresso. When the espresso is hot enough, it will give a good looking color and even an aroma that you will want to sit and waft it towards your nose. Do not allow the espresso to cool down in anyway. The next thing to do is scooping ice cream while estimating it to attain the amount you want. On the other hand, you need to be aware of the fact that the ice cream should be ice cold.

The next step is that if your glass of ice cream is not cold, then chill it until it freezes. What is the reason for chilling your cup of ice cream? It is a modest thing to chill the ice cream because this is the only way in which to ensure that not all the ice cream will melt as soon as you pour your hot espresso in it. The ice cream in this case must be coffee flavored but you can even do it with cocoa or anything else.

The next step is pouring the hot espresso. The hot espresso will melt down the ice cream flavored with coffee. This will produce a coffee flavor and believe me you that you will start salivating even before everything is ready. It is important however, to be aware of the right temperature that is crucial for producing the right texture. Some will love it when it is of fine textured and some will love it more solid and rough looking. In order to come up with a good affogato coffee, you ought to follow the right steps and temperatures as well.

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