Let Music Make Your Work Easier

Who doesn’t like to have some music when you are working. It makes your work seem easier and keeps your mind peaceful. Studies have found that hearing music during work increases the productivity and improves work satisfaction. Many factories around the world play music while the employees work.

Listening to music at the job site is a different thing. These are not the best places for delicate electronic gadgets. There may not the necessary power points there to draw power from. What you need is a jobsite radio. These are made specifically for the job sites. Let us see what makes one the best jobsite radio.

Features Of A Jobsite Radio

There are certain features necessary for a job site radio. It should have the durability to endure abuse. It should be able to withstand harsh conditions of the work site. Secondly, the sound quality should be good to be heard in a job site. These qualities will make one the best jobsite radio from which you can listen to music when working.

Other things that are essential are compatibility with other devices so that you listen to your other music also without damaging your device. You should ensure this when you select your job site radio. You should also check what power source they use. Some use a direct power source and have a provision for working on battery. Check what battery they use and buy the one which uses the same batteries that your other devices use so that you don’t have to buy separate batteries for this.

Let us see some that qualify as the best jobsite radio.

Bosch PB360S

This is one powerful job site radio gives clear 360-degree sound. It has four outlets for your power tools. The Bluetooth is so powerful it can work well over 100 feet. It has got a special media bay for storing your devices. The radio comes with a solid rubber roll cage and weatherproof engineering.

Dewalt DWST08810

This one gives our 360-degree sound from five speakers. This radio is stackable with other Dewalt ToughSystem modules. It is very durable. You can also carry this around because of its lighter weight. The compatibility with the other ToughSystem devices makes this easy to move around. This could certainly compete for the best jobsite radio title.

Milwaukee M12

This is a small compact radio for the worksite. This jobsite radio is very rugged and durable. It gives a good sound and the reception is excellent.

Anyone of these could be your best jobsite radio.

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