Popular Dog Breeds for Kids

You might be wondering what dog breed to get or even to buy for your kid. That is normal and agreeable because our kids are the best things to have happened in our lives and we always want the best for them. It is very uncommon to find a kid who will tell you that she/he hates dogs. All kids love dogs because of various reasons. Firstly, dogs are always their companions even when we parents are not around, secondly, dogs can play with kids because dogs are playful just like kids, and finally but not least, dogs are eager to learn just as the kids are eager to discover new things while having fun.

Best breeds

Therefore, what is the best dog breed for kids? I believe that people are different in terms of preferences and different people will tell you that they love a certain dog breed and that they would like their kids to have one. Dalmatians are basically the best dog breeds for kids. Let’s start with a brief description of how the Dalmatians look like. They are white in color with small dark spots all over their bodies. This gives them a unique color that distinguishes them from the rest of the dog breeds. They are believed to have originated from Croatia and are medium in size. Their sizes are the best because they are not too tall or short for the kids.

Why are they preferred?

The reason why they are preferred as kids’ companions is because they have short smooth hair and this means that they are easy to clean. The little amount of fur makes it easy for kid to caress the dog fur without necessarily plucking some of the fur which would leave dirt on their garments and even car seats. Dalmatians are also meek, playful and strong meaning that they can keep up with whatever the kids may want. Kids love kind dog, dogs that may not bite even when they have been pushed to the limits.

Dalmatian a winner

Dalmatians are the best for kids, also, because they are attractive and fun loving animals. When an animal is attractive and lovers of fun, then kids will find them real companions at all times. Although they are prone to infections and other natural events, they will still remain intelligent, sensitive and will live for more than ten years. Getting a Dalmatian breed for your kid will ensure long term happiness for your kids.

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