Popular Recipe Ideas for Instant Pots

Instant pot beef stew

There are a varieties of ideas that even you can give us if asked for ideas for instant pots. However, the most popular ideas are pot beef stew. The main ingredients here are basically meat, vegetables and stock. The first ide for this particular instant pot is that the meat must be unfrozen in case they are out of your refrigerator. This will make your meat tender and to regain its flavor before cooking. The main idea as far as the instant pot dishes are concerned is that everything is cooked in one pot. As for the beef stew, simply toss the vegetable inside the cooking pot of meat, then follow it up with other varieties of vegetables. Note that the tossing should be according to the ease of cooking of an ingredient.

Instant pot red beans and rice

There are a number of recipe ideas crucial for making rice and bean. In fact, there are more than a dozen recipe ideas that one can give depending on how one likes it. Some likes this dish dry while some enjoy it when the soup is added. The basic idea for this recipe is cooking the rice separately, then unfreezing your canned beans. When the beans are no longer frozen, you can either fry them again with onions and tomatoes or you can just pour them into a pot that has tomato paste. The rice and beans can be mixed together to make one meal. When serving, introduce herbs such as coriander and any other that you like.

Instant pot golden lentil and spinach soup

The popular idea behind this dish is basically mixing lentils and cooked spinach then frying them together before adding some water to make a thick past (soup). However, remember the idea that lentils must be precooked before introducing spinach in it. The spinach flavor will come in as soon as the chopped spinach gets cooked. This gives your lentils some greenish looking color which blends well with the golden color of lentils. You might want to add some salt just for taste.

Chicken Carnitas

It depends on what type you want to make, but the popular one is the crispy one. The main idea of making this in an instant port is getting the pre-boiled chicken meat. Chop them into pieces using your knife but some will tear it apart using their own hands. Toss the chops into a pot of spices of your choice then fry them to make crispy chicken chunks.

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